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Consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to getting information to make purchasing decisions. Online shopping and social media have created the perfect storm for shoppers to find information and get word of mouth recommendations. Traditional bricks and mortar retailers have worried they won’t be able to accommodate the tech-savvy shopper. The latest shopper study from Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI)  should put all those concerns to rest.

The POPAI 2012 Shopper Engagement Study shows the majority of purchasing decisions occur in the store. What’s most surprising is the rate for in-store decisions has climbed from 70% in 1995 to a whopping 76% in 2012. Despite mobile technology, social networking and 24-hour e-commerce shopping, it turns out people are waiting until they get into the store to make the final decision about what they’re going to buy. And that’s why ticketing has never been so important.

Attracting the modern shopper

A fascinating result of this survey is that modern shoppers are intentionally not planning their purchases in advance. It’s also interesting to note modern shoppers are making less impulse purchases. This tells us they’re depending on data they find in the store to help them make selections. They’re walking into retail organisations expecting to make the decision at the shelf. But it’s increasingly difficult to lump shoppers into one category, especially when it comes to fast-moving consumer goods like groceries.

Modern shopper profiles

The POPAI study identified four modern shopper categories, each with different attitudes and behaviours towards purchasing. Retailers that understand these segments can create effective in-store promotions to encourage them to purchase.

The 4 modern shopper types

  • Time Stressed – looking for a fast shopping experience
  • Explorer – expecting to be inspired
  • Trip Planner – organised before leaving the house
  • Bargain Hunter – purchases on price

If 76% of modern shoppers are expecting to make purchasing decisions at the shelf, this presents a massive opportunity to influence decisions with promotional signage and shelf-edge ticketing. Creating tickets that will appeal to each of these different segments is the key to maximising the amount each shopper spends in the store.

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Have you noticed a shift in shopper profiles? In what way?