Woman shopper looking at items at eye-level on the shelf

New research involving the use of eye-tracking technology has revealed new information about what influences the consumer experience in retail organisations. One of the most surprising findings was how completely ineffective promotional signs become when you hang them from the ceiling. Despite all the best efforts of retailers to grab the attention of the shopper, a sign hanging from the ceiling will be completely ignored.

Perception Research Services International (PRS) conducted shopper research using eye tracking technology. This sheds new light on the shopping experience and finally gives retailers constructive information about the difference between what shoppers ‘say’ and what the actually ‘do’. The study provides interesting insight into what actually catches the shopper’s attention.

Ceiling signage ineffective

Overwhelmingly, the research shows no one notices sign placement when they’re hanging from the ceiling. Specifically, the Bringing Eye-Tracking to the Store: Applications, Observations & Insights report stated, 

“Across dozens of PRS Mobile Eye-Tracking videos, across countries and multiple stores, we did not see a single shopper look upward to engage with overhead promotional signage.” 

It appears the only time shoppers look up is for store navigation signs. Once they’re in the aisle, shoppers keep their eyes straight ahead or cast slightly down.

What this means for retailers

What this tells us is retailers shouldn’t bother creating promotional signage for the ceiling. Even the most compelling signs are a waste of money and effort because shoppers never look up to help them make purchasing decisions. If you want to connect with customers through your promotional signage, make sure you place them at eye level. 

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