Couple doing their shopping in a mall after work

In an earlier post we reported on the four modern shopper segments as defined by new Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) research. The ‘time stressed’ shopper is grappling with a lot of factors making their overall shopping experience less than pleasant. A retailer who helps these shoppers make quicker and easier decisions will be rewarded with repeat business. First, it’s important to understand who belongs to this demographic.
It’s not just time that’s stressing them out

We’ve all seen working parents on the way home from work swooping through the shops to collect what’s needed for dinner. Likewise, the person starting the weekly grocery run at 4:30 on a Saturday afternoon is going to feel under pressure. The time stressed shopper, according to POPAI, is likely to be experiencing issues with their shopping budget even though they tend not to be from low-income households.

So who are these shoppers? 

Classic characteristics of a time stressed shopper

  • Between the ages of 18 and 44
  • Work full-time work
  • Don’t use coupons
  • Easily tempted
  • Probably have children in tow
  • Use lists but are very inconsistent
  • Impulse decisions amount to 70% of total purchases

How to influence the time stressed shopper

Just over one quarter (26%) of all shoppers are stressed for time. They’ll be making a lot of decisions in the shop and easily influenced to make impulse purchases. Tickets showing manufacturer campaigns are going to be highly appealing. It’s also an ideal audience to use cross-selling promotions and ‘two for the price of one’ type bargains. Make your tickets attractive and prominent to garner more sales from this group.

One area shoppers are highly susceptible to impulse purchases is soft drinks and beer. The Shopper Decisions Made In-Store study by OgilvyAction showed a whopping 60% of shoppers decide what brands to buy once they’re in the store. Put your time-stressed shopper in front of a soft drink promotion and chances are you’ll influence their purchasing decision at the shelf.

If you would like further information about how to effectively influence the time stressed shopper, contact us and we’ll be happy to share our experiences with you.

How are you helping time stressed shoppers in your retail organisation?