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New Alliance Provides End-to-End Ticketing Management System

A new partnership between SignIQ and EFEX signifies an important evolution in retail ticketing strategies. While ticketing systems have historically been viewed as a necessary evil, changes in shopping habits have shown the retail battle can be won at the shelf-edge. But ticketing is no longer a cumbersome system, at least for those retailers adopting a modern approach to shelf-edge labels.

SignIQ and Sydney-based EFEX Group have formed a strategic alliance designed to improve retail ticketing while reducing overall production costs. Retailers large and small will benefit from ease of use, better reporting, and a network-wide ticket printing management system.

We’re excited about the opportunity to offer retailers a managed service that’s both easy and economical,” says Edward Breese, CEO of SignIQ.

With EFEX, we can give retailers a strategic ticketing system that’s incredibly easy to use and devoid of hassles with software and hardware.”

The partnership makes perfect sense because the management of the actual tickets becomes very easy. SignIQ manages the product information and ticketing process  and EFEX manages the printing. The retailer focuses on managing their business, not wrestling with shelf-edge labels, promotional signage and managing printers and print costs,” continues Breese.

EFEX provides retailers with a managed colour print service that reduces costs and eliminates the burden of expensive printing hardware. Like SignIQ, the EFEX offering is completely transparent with no hidden costs, just a monthly invoice of a pre-determined amount that’s easily budgeted.

What our business does, at the very core, is to reduce costs,” says Nick Sheehan, CEO of EFEX Group Pty Ltd. “Our whole focus is on total cost of ownership and how to reduce overall printing costs.”

Our customers benefit from consolidated invoicing and structured reporting. Entire store networks can run on a consistent model meaning retailers no longer have to worry about replacing out-of-date hardware or hassling with incompatible equipment.”

Like SignIQ, we’re happiest when we can help a retailer produce compelling  tickets while containing costs,” says Sheehan.

By giving corporate marketing more control over their store network and reducing costs at every turn, SignIQ and EFEX provide the best retail ticketing solution on the market today. If you’d like to know more about this exciting development, please contact us

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

SignIQ really is the all inclusive in store promotion service providers. SignIQ does not stop at simply providing the perfect solution for generating signage they can also fit out your stores with managed printing services and have solutions to suit any scale of business

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SignIQ Software

At the heart of the SignIQ solution is our ground breaking software. Used by over 6500 store across Australia and New Zealand. Cloud or Desktop the choice is yours.

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Data Enrichment

Add depth to the content of your signage with 3rd party data provided by SignIQ such as consumer star ratings, energy efficiency and reviews.

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Large Format Printing

Large format printing is a breeze with SignIQ at your side. Managed print services are not for everyone and that is why SignIQ can provide large format prints.

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Merchandising Services

Continuing the all inclusive services theme SignIQ can provide you with professional merchandisers to create a brand experience which look professional and exciting.

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Advanced Reporting

SignIQ is a connected system, it can enable you to monitor all in-store ticketing activity. In addition to this SignIQ can provide advanced reporting on your sales .

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SignIQ License

Our software is Licensed for use at a location letting you use it on as many devices in that location as you want.

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