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Store Promotions: The Moment of Truth for Retailers

Regardless of your brand, products, or target audience, retailers are committed to making the most of every shopper visit. You could call it the universal truth of retailing – quite possibly the only one in a diverse and complicated industry. Capturing the shopper's attention can be a challenge, especially with shopping opportunities extending across the globe and available at the tip of a finger. The last thing any retailer wants is to scare this fickle creature away with inconsistencies and confusion in your promotions and ticketing.

Scaling your store promotions

While maintaining consistency in a single store is difficult enough, the problem becomes exponentially larger when you introduce multiple stores. When the store network contains multiple owners as in a franchise model, the difficulties become even greater. Many aspects of a successful retail organisation scale easily from one store to the next but some systems become more complicated. Store promotions and ticketing is a case in point.
How can a retailer guarantee every store and every product is compliant on brand and pricing?

Promotions and ticketing conundrum

We call it the Moment of Truth, the point when retailers realise their legacy ticketing system is no longer providing value. Often these systems have been built over time, stitching together multiple systems to make them work. Have a look at our video to see if it rings true for your organisation.

Essential requirements for effective ticketing

Ticketing must be a strategic part of your business. This becomes more critical with the addition of each new store. Five key elements must be in place.
  1. Retail ticketing has to be driven and managed by the marketing department.
  2. A ticketing system should consolidate the disparate marketing and product information sources – both internal and external - across the entire retail operation.
  3. An ideal solution would work within the current retail environment and not impose new requirements and additional purchases of hardware and software.
  4. Comprehensive reporting must be supplied showing what tickets were printed, when they were printed and who printed them.
  5. It has to be easy to use, implement and maintain meaning individual store managers and franchisees should be able to make tactical decisions about specific promotions.

Harvey Norman ticketing case study

Consider an organisation like Harvey Norman, a successful Australian-owned franchise business. Harvey Norman has hundreds of stores in Australia with the majority of them owned by franchisees. They rely on a strong brand presence and a healthy advertising budget to promote the organisation. Because so many purchasing decisions are happening at the shelf edge - an all-time high of 76% according to a 2012 POPAI study - Harvey Norman uses a ticketing service to reduce costs and increase the value of each shopper visit.
As of last week, Harvey Norman printed their 2 millionth ticket usingSignIQ's ticketing service. Interestingly, while wastage is down, Harvey Norman is printing more tickets than ever before. It took them nine months to produce their first million tickets but only four months to produce the next million. Why? Because tickets and promotional signage do more to convince a shopper once they're in your store than anything else.

What this means for retailers

Retail organisation must present a consistent shopper experience across their network to avoid damaging the trust of their shoppers. When your promotional signage and shelf edge labels are consistent across your enterprise, the value of your brand is increased in the mind of the consumer. The only way to ensure this is when the marketing department has a way to manage and monitor ticket production. Ideally, a strategic ticketing service allows for store managers to make tactical decisions at the store level to increase the profitability of each store. The larger your organisation, the more vital a strategic ticketing and promotions solution becomes to the success of your operation.
If you'd like to know how a strategic ticketing service can help improve your business, contact us. We have numerous case studies we can share with you and the ability to tailor a service to fit your organisation.
Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

SignIQ really is the all inclusive in store promotion service providers. SignIQ does not stop at simply providing the perfect solution for generating signage they can also fit out your stores with managed printing services and have solutions to suit any scale of business

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SignIQ Software

At the heart of the SignIQ solution is our ground breaking software. Used by over 6500 store across Australia and New Zealand. Cloud or Desktop the choice is yours.

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Data Enrichment

Add depth to the content of your signage with 3rd party data provided by SignIQ such as consumer star ratings, energy efficiency and reviews.

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Large Format Printing

Large format printing is a breeze with SignIQ at your side. Managed print services are not for everyone and that is why SignIQ can provide large format prints.

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Merchandising Services

Continuing the all inclusive services theme SignIQ can provide you with professional merchandisers to create a brand experience which look professional and exciting.

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Advanced Reporting

SignIQ is a connected system, it can enable you to monitor all in-store ticketing activity. In addition to this SignIQ can provide advanced reporting on your sales .

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SignIQ License

Our software is Licensed for use at a location letting you use it on as many devices in that location as you want.

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